We Offer You the Convenient Digital Marketing Service!

Good analysis of the customer profile to be reached

Creating purposeful marketing strategies

The most effective use of the ever-changing technological developments

Regularly monitoring and reporting the targeted results


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We raise your brand to the top of search engines, one of the most effective marketing areas in the digital world.

Social Media Management

Thanks to attractive and effective social media management, we bring your brand together with the right audience.

Search Engine Optimization

We ensure that your website gains an organic acceleration by proving to the search engines that it is quality and useful.

Web Page Design

With our professional website designs, we contribute to your company's corporate identity acquisition process.

Determing The Strategy

With the information we obtain from market and target audience research, we determine your brand strategies.

Video Production

We respond to all your concept development, project management, directing service and post production needs.

Content and Scenario Management

We produce and develop creative contents with our creative team.

E-Mail Marketing

We create segments based on special criteria and send personalized emails.





Visual Art Director

Digital Marketing Manager


Fast and efficient

Rakun Dijital is a team that can manage your digital, social media and digital marketing activities beyond being an agency and manage them quickly and effectively as part of your team.

Olcay Yılmazçoban,Falcon AI


Rather than being an ordinary agency, Rakun Dijital immediately becomes a family of you. He tries to understand you better than you and guides you. It shares your excitement with all your sincerity and warmth. It is a team that you will always enjoy working together in the business world. You can entrust your digital world to them with peace of mind.

Duygu Yılmaz,Trend İstanbul

Fast and effective

The speed and correct analysis of Raccoon have a great role in the success of the projects we have entered. It's like you're in the same office.

Arda Saran,Ulus Tenis Akademisi

Expert and friendly

They are a team that we are extremely pleased to work with their expertise and sincerity. Adwors have been very helpful in developing our business, you can deliver everything about digital marketing without any concern.

Fatih Nas,Innovus Makina

Dynamic and different designs

We've been working with Raccoon for about one year and they did not disappoint our firms even once during this period. There is a team that is always dynamic, offers different designs and opinions, and ensures that the works are delivered early.

Berna Tokay,Vector A.Ş.

Agility, speed and dicipline

As Mayts Spor AŞ, before starting to work with Raccoon digital, we knew Raccoon as a fox-like, long-tailed, furry creature living in trees. But after meeting the Rakun company team, Raccoon also meant a team with which we established agility, speed, discipline, quality and easy communication. We are very happy to work with Rakun, whose entire team produces in the devotion and detail of the owner. I strongly recommend to those who are looking for a social media agency.

Murat Zorluoğlu,Tenis Arenası